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DIY photo studio compression pole

Tension poles aren’t just for shelving….over at Instructables, the aptly named usefulguy has posted instructions for how to use parts readily available at your local big box store to create a pole system to gold photo lights and backdrops. Not a bad solution, especially at under $10! Photo studio compression pole MK1

DIY Compression Poles for the Photo Studio

Over at Instructables, the aptly named ‘useful guy’ has detailed instructions, including annotated photos and a video, explaining how to inexpensively make compression poles for use in home photo studios.  These aren’t shelving systems, but are suitable for hanging backdrops and lights.  The post is well worth checking out; even if photography isn’t your thing, […]

Modular Shelving systems from IKEA

Believe it or not, the Swedish giant IKEA can fit comfortably into your Danish Modern home with elegant, reliable, and useful pole shelving systems such as Stolmen and Broder. The Stolmen modular shelving system, designed by Ehlén Johansson, was originally conceived of as a wardrobe or closet storage solution, but quickly became a favorite canvas […]