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Imagine the Possibilities

That’s Robelan‘s motto, and though the New York-based firm caters to designers of retail spaces rather than direct to consumers, it’s easy to imagine the possibilities of the Robelan Polarity® System and its mobile counterpart, the gondola, for home use.  Their catalog is full of parts and accesories for what looks to be a high-quality […]

Egle Amaldi’s Pole Shelving

Ouno Design says on their blog that mid-century Italian architect Egle Amaldi’s “staggered, airy midcentury modern arrangements are so much less chichi than the many fancified contemporary bookshelves we see around,” and we have to agree.  Click over to their blog for a look.

Modular Shelving systems from IKEA

Believe it or not, the Swedish giant IKEA can fit comfortably into your Danish Modern home with elegant, reliable, and useful pole shelving systems such as Stolmen and Broder. The Stolmen modular shelving system, designed by Ehlén Johansson, was originally conceived of as a wardrobe or closet storage solution, but quickly became a favorite canvas […]