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pogoLibrary from Urban Workshop: pole shelving for loft spaces

From designer Julie Scheu comes the pogoHome collection, a functional and witty system well suited to loft spaces, in which threaded steel poles function as room dividers and, indeed, rooms themselves.  Scheu sells these as custom pieces, but we’d love to see them get distributed more widely.

Abstracta: An Alternative to CADO wall unit by Poul Cadovius

The CADO modular shelving system/wall unit is undeniably a beautiful and functional design classic, but the CADO system isn’t the only successful design by the great Danish designer Poul Cadovius.  If you’re tired of scouring eBay and 1stdibs for CADO parts such as extra cabinets, shelves, and metal brackets, why not consider another great Poul […]

Pole Shelving System: Rakks vs. ISS

Rakks and ISS are two of the leading sources for contemporary compression or wall-mounted pole shelving systems.  So which is better? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer: it depends on your needs, your location, and your appetite for DIY projects.  In terms of market positioning, Rakks is known and well-respected among architects and has many commercial […]