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CADO system installation advice

DesignAddict has a good advice thread on installing your new CADO system. Plaster walls pose a particular challenge–are molly bolts up to the task?

Pole Shelving System: Rakks vs. ISS

Rakks and ISS are two of the leading sources for contemporary compression or wall-mounted pole shelving systems.  So which is better? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer: it depends on your needs, your location, and your appetite for DIY projects.  In terms of market positioning, Rakks is known and well-respected among architects and has many commercial […]

Mounting Your Pole Shelves

Pole shelving systems can be wall-mounted, use compression to support the shelves between floor and ceiling, or use a hybrid semi-wall mounted approach, mounting the shelves on the wall while using the floor for additional support.  Determining which option is best for your home or office depends on the materials used in constructing your space […]