From George Nelson’s CSS system sold through Herman Miller to IKEA’s Stolmen unit, this site is dedicated to helping you understand and evaluate tension pole, compression pole, and wall-mounted shelving units for your home or office.

If you’re looking for shelves for your home or office, whether a simple bookshelf or a complete wall shelving system, consider pole shelving instead of traditional freestanding metal or wood shelves.

Pole shelves use vertical standards or uprights to support the shelves. Many people are most familiar with free-standing Metro steel shelving, but pole shelving systems can also be wall-mounted. Many of the most interesting and functional pole shelving systems use the floor and ceiling to support the shelves. These are called compression pole shelves or tension pole shelves. First popular in the 1950’s, these ingenious and simple shelving systems are making a resurgence in modern homes, and this site will help you see which pole shelving system might be right for you.