The $12,000 Goldfish: Grace Shelf by Bailey Heck

grace shelf by bailey heck2Modern is selling the admittedly beautiful but uber-spendy Grace shelf by Bailey Heck.  Figure a generous $300 for goldfish and bowls and a cool $11,700 for the shelving unit–does that add up to Priceless?

The shelving armature is quite elegant, and you get your choice of cherry, maple or walnut poles to hold the glass shelves.  They’ll throw in free shipping.

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  1. Yes, beautiful. I was taken back by the price as well so called and spoke with Bailey…Bailey Humbert Heck is one person. As I understand it, the metal is 316 Stainless Steel and the price for supply of this material has been close to doubling for the past 2-3 years…I asked if he could do it in a less expensive material and he said no (apparently some of his customers r on the coast and 316 Stainless does not rust…doesn’t want to mess with the integrity)…still want one!

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