CADO: The Cadillac of Shelving

shapeimage_1Wow. You’d be hard pressed to find a more extensive and well-cared-for system than the 36′ wall unit that Frank Heidkamp is offering for sale. Sure, $20,000 sounds like a lot, until you realize that at the time of production this unit was the equivalent in cost of a new Cadillac (and uses much less gas). It’s a truly outstanding specimen for those who have the resources and space for it.

CADO system installation advice

DesignAddict has a good advice thread on installing your new CADO system. Plaster walls pose a particular challenge–are molly bolts up to the task?

DIY photo studio compression pole

photo compression poleTension poles aren’t just for shelving….over at Instructables, the aptly named usefulguy has posted instructions for how to use parts readily available at your local big box store to create a pole system to gold photo lights and backdrops. Not a bad solution, especially at under $10!

Photo studio compression pole MK1